About WWR

Come see us here at Wagon Wheel Ranch. We offer 1 hour and 2 hour horseback rides. We do PARTIES too!! There are many sights to see along the Palos Verdes Peninsula. You will not believe the wild and pristine countryside you will visit inside of a Metropolitan area such as Los Angeles County on horseback. Palos Verdes Peninsula has scenic hillside views, meadows of wildflowers and wildlife, Red Foxes, Red Tail Hawks, Squirrels, Blue Jays and Peacocks just to name a few. Pat also has some friends you can meet along the way, a Donkey named Burrito, Goats, Sheep and other barnyard friends. We would love to have you come along to meet our winged and furry friends. Our horse rides will take you to the tops of the hills where you can see the California coastline and Catalina Island. As you come back down the trail you can see the panoramic views of Redondo Beach, Malibu and Pacific Ocean on horseback! This will be an experience you will never forget! The adventure is waiting for you. Come on out with us for a nature trail ride on horseback. This is a rare opportunity! Once you come out we guarantee you will be back for more.

At Wagon Wheel Ranch we will assist you with the choosing of an appropriate saddle, tacking up and de-tacking the horse ensuring that the saddle is not too tight or too loose. Hoof care and the proper way to bridle and unbridle a horse will also be demonstrated with a hands-on experience before and after your trail ride.

Our horses are gentle and are suited for the beginner to experienced riders. We will ride at your pace. Our rides are perfect for people of all ages and horseback riding abilities. We ride all ages, have no weight limits and are flexible to meet your needs. Horseback riding at Wagon Wheel Ranch is relaxing and safe! We have horses to match every guest’s ability. So, let’s saddle up and enjoy a scenic trail ride!

Wagon Wheel Ranch Our all day rides take you further up into the hills and wind back down to Wagon Wheel Ranch. The extended ride will allow you to see all the sights that the Palos Verdes Peninsula has to offer on horseback. We will also provide a picnic lunch for a nominal fee or you can bring your own.

At Wagon Wheel Ranch we will mount you on one of our beautiful and gentle horses. We can schedule a private horse trial ride, just for you or a group ride. Once we return to Wagon Wheel Ranch our horses will also get a treat that you will give them after your ride. Wagon Wheel Ranch believes it is important for everyone to have a positive experience with horses. You can hand walk your child on our horses on the horse trails surrounding Wagon Wheel Ranch or to a nearby arena. Safety first is a policy of Wagon Wheel Ranch and riding double is not allowed.

We are always looking for fun outdoor activities that suit both the individual and families. Horseback riding has been one of America’s favorite sports or leisure activity. The horse is a well composed and beautiful animal. They symbolize both strength and serenity. Horses are gentle when treated well and love to take people for horseback rides. If this sounds like the activity you’ve been looking for then you have come to the right place.

Here at Wagon Wheel Ranch, we provide the people of the Palos Verdes Peninsula with one of a kind guided horseback rides. We have been in love with the horse from first sight and we wish to share our passion with others. Located on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, we operate a privately owned horse ranch. We’ve opened our ranch to the local people for the experience of what we see and do every day with the horses on our ranch. We provide both private and group horseback riding lessons.

Palos Verdes Peninsula is a truly beautiful place with a lot of open land for the horses to roam. Our ranch consumes many acres of land to give all of the horses the exercise and freedom to roam as they need. We have mapped out specific trails for our guided horseback rides. Each of our employees is an experienced horseback rider and can handle any kind of situation. They will teach you how to handle the horse and make commands so the horse knows what they are to do.

In addition to horseback riding trail rides, we are also open for Southern California horseback riding parties. If you or your child has a passion for horses, then this is the place to host their next party. We can accommodate a number of guests. Our horse’s safety and well being comes first so we are very careful when it comes to introducing our horses to the party guests. Even though we practice safety with the horses, they are nonetheless very friendly animals and are used to human interaction.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you’ll choose Wagon Wheel Ranch as your number one stop for the best horseback riding experience. If you’re located or visiting Rolling Hills CA, please stop by and visit our beauties. We also currently have Palos Verdes Peninsula horse sales. If buying a horse is something that interests you, please give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you and showing off our amazing horses.