Horseback riding is a fun way to be outside and enjoy the scenery around you.There are several horse trails around the foothills and mountains of Southern California, not to mention around Los Angeles. Several private and city owned parks allow for the riding of horses, as well as a few cities. Palos Verdes is one of them and home to Wagon Wheel Ranch one of the best horse trail ride companies in California.

Activities involving horses for thearaputic benefit for health and well-being include:paraequestrian competition as well as non-competetive riding. A 140 pound person riding a horse that’s walking will burn about 2 calories a minute. The same person on a trotting horse burns 6 calories per minute, and galloping would burn 8 calories a minute. (Incidentally, even grooming a horse helps you lose unwanted fat a 140 pound person burn 6 calories each minute tending their equestrian ride.)

If you have trouble tolerating pressure or stress on your joints, if you have restricted aerobic capacity, or if you need to keep your heart rate lower than a certain level, consider horseback trail riding as an excellent form of physical fitness that’s also fun and relaxing.