Our Horses

Prince– 11 year old, 16.1 hand flea-bitten grey thoroughbread gelding. We brought Prince into our program just a few weeks ago. He was used as a hunter jumper lesson horse. He is so sweet and great for any adult rider! He loves horse cookies.

Cowboy– Older 14.2 hand bay quarter horse gelding. This horse is amazing and fantastic with kids! One of the best kid horses of all time. He waits for his apples and oats every day for lunch.

Chico– 17 year old paint gelding. Chico is an ex ranch horse. He is great for kids, walks very slow but if you put an adult on him be ready to have a great time he loves to run.(weight limit of 150lbs ) Chico’s favorite treat is smarties the candy.

Twister– 14 year old paint gelding. He is and ex ranch horse , he has a brand which shows us what ranch he came from. Twister is the perfect all around horse, great for kids or adults. Very comfortable in all his gates ( jog,lope,gallop). Twisters favorite foods are oats and peppermint candy.

Dreamer– 15 year old paint gelding. Dreamer came from a ranch, we saw him and had to by him. This boy gives the best kisses. Dreamer is missing some teeth on the left side of his mouth , so he hangs his tongue out( cutest thing you will ever see). His tail and mane have white and black running through it, its very long and beautiful. His favorite treat is watermelon.

Spirit– 6 year old buckskin quarter horse. He is a stout boy who is still young and has a lot of energy. We named him spirit because every time the kids see him, they say look there’s a spirit horse, from the Disney movie spirit of the Cimarron. He is great for any rider, he loves going on 2 hour rides. He loves his tummy rubbed and being groomed. Spirit loves smarties and grapes.

Jack– 13 year old red dun quarter gelding. We got jack because his owner was getting older and he was just sitting in a back yard. On his back he has a red strip running from his mane to his tail which is why they call him a red dun. Very thick, handsome horse. Jack loves orange peels and makes a very funny face, he curls up his lip and shows us his teeth. Great for experienced confident riders.

Cruz– 11 year old bay thoroughbred gelding. He sold for $175,000 as a yearling and He got a bowed tendon. Unfortunately he was to calm an slow, ( witch was great for us ) so he never made it to the track. We got him when he was 4 years old. He is blind in his left eye. Anyone can ride this horse he is literally the ranch Favorite. We feed Lightning next to cruz so that no other horses can eat his food, lightning is Cruz’s girlfriend. Do not feel sorry for him, he is very happy and loves his job as a trail horse. His favorite treat to eat is plums.

Jake– 20 years old ( maybe a little older) sorrel quarter horse. Jake was an old ranch horse but he was getting older and the owner was to heavy to keep working and riding him all day, so PAt took him in for children to ride. He is one of our best babysitters. Any child can be scared and ride him an want to come back everyday. He is so sweet, he loves to nudge you and get kisses. Jake loves oats, and carrots. One of our most lovable , and gentle horses.

Joker– 11 year old chestnut thoroughbred gelding. This big beautiful boy was supposed to be a race horse but didn’t make it to the race track. He was to lazy compared to his friends. So we took him in and now he is the best trail horse. Joker is great for confident riders as he is still young. Jokers favorite treats are lays potato chips.

Smokey– 5 year old grulla (grey/brown) thoroughbred gelding. This boy is fast. He is an ex race horse. Anyone can ride him, but if you want to run, he needs a confident , intermediate rider. Very sweet loving horse. Smokey loves apples and corn.

Sterling– 5 year old sorrel thoroughbred gelding. This tall boy was an ex race horse. He came to us off the race track, amazing horse and very fast. This horse notices everything very alert. Sterling loves to have his ears scratched. His favorite food is plums and oranges.

Kobe– 10 year old bay thoroughbred gelding. This tall dark and handsome boy was an ex race horse as well as an ex jumper. Amazing mover, he is very comfortable. Kobe is very fast but an all around favorite. Good for any rider but confidence is a must. Kobe is very well trained. Kobe loves to eat peaches.

Rocky– 13 year old bay thoroughbred gelding. Rocky is an ex race horse and a ex jumper as well, just like Kobe, we call them the twins. Rocky was givin to us because his racing career was over, and he was getting to old to continue jumping. So wwr took him in so he could live out his days out on the trail. Rocky loves Cheerios and apples.

Duke– 5 year old bay warm blood gelding. This horse is one of the tallest we have. He is over 18 hands tall. Duke can handle larger adults as well as experienced youth. He is very comfortable, fast and amazing mover. He loves baths, and getting pampered. Duke loves to eat apples and bananas.

Thunder– 12 year old dark bay warmblood gelding. This horse was an English horse he did dressage, and jumping. Now he gets to retire on the trail and enjoy the views. This handsome guy is big and beautiful. Any adult or teenager can ride this horse, very sweet and easy to ride. We call him the husband safe horse. Thunder loves his oats and apples at lunch.

Clooney– 13 year old dark bay warmblood gelding. Clooney is an ex jumper and dressage horse. He can hold any weight rider from little kids to adults this horse has an amazing attitude. He will take a carrot right out of your mouth. He’s very sweet and easy to ride. Clooney loves pepper mints.

Luke– 20 year old ( maybe a little older) chestnut appendix ( thoroughbred/ quarter horse cross ) gelding. This horse was a rescue, he was very skinny and neglected and with time is now chubby and happy. Luke is great for kids and easy to ride. He loves his barn friends and will follow them any where. Luke loves cold watermelon bites.

Dolly– 16 year old draft paint mare. This girl is so amazing, she was a retired broodmare ( used only for having foals ) she was our first draft horse and we thought she would be great for heavier riders. This big girl can handle any weight and any rider. She loves her chin scratched and her backed massaged. After riding dolly everyone says they love her . she is great bareback, the kids at camp say she feels like sitting on a couch. Dolly loves to eat her apples an mangos at lunch for an afternoon snack.

Blue– 14 year old blue roan quarter horse gelding. He was a ranch horse for many years, he had proud flesh, then we fixed his sores and 3 months later he was out on the trail. Blue is great for kids. He is the kids favorite. He is very sweet, blue loves to have his belly scratched. Blues favorite treat is plums and apples.

Rusty– 15 year old red roan appaloosa gelding.rusty came to us from a horse trader who bought him from a horse auction.( which we did not know at the time ) From what we assume he is an ex Reiner, from the way he moves off commands. his legs were so sore when we got him, he couldn’t even lay down, he would whine and shake when he tried to lay down or get up. after almost a year of recovery he now is one of our best kids trail horse. Rusty is very tall big great for kids, kind of a gentle giant. He loves to eat peaches out of your hand. We have had him for 5 years.

Frito– 19 year old ( maybe a little older) palomino gelding. This horse came to us with rusty, from the horse trader who bought him from an auction. When you ride him it feels like your on a rocking horse. He loves to walk in tall grass so he can scratch his belly. He lives with jake in a pasture, and they are best friends. Frito is an all around good kids horse he has been there done that kind of guy. Frito loves frito chips for his special treat. He has a silver dollar size brown spot on his hip. When we got him they said he had rubbed up against the trailer but we gave him a good shower and its still there.

Seager– 14 year old paint gelding. This tall handsome guy was out on a trail ride with is owner and pat ( the owner of wwr) saw him and said I want that horse, he is beautiful, if you ever want to sell I’m please call me. So a year later times were tuff and he got the call, and now Seager is a trail horse for wagon wheel ranch. He was a ex jumper, now he gets to enjoy s days letting young kids ride him and spoil him with lots of love an attention. Seager loves salt blocks in his stall so he can lick him.

Shannon– 10 year old grey roan thoroughbred/ Percheron cross . She came to us having trouble walking, we didn’t know what was wrong with her,so we took her in and after the chiropractor came out 2 times and adjusted her back , now she’s amazing. She was a hunter/jumper show horse. Walking great and loves being out on trail. She lives with joker and shares all her teats with him. Shannon loves Cheerios and apples. She’s Danielle favorite horse.

Rose– 11 year old arab/paint cross mare. This mare is fast and way energetic. Great for experienced young riders under 130lbs. Rose has 2 blue eyes. She loves the other horses. Rose loves watermelon, plums and peaches.

Angel– 13 year old dark bay quarter horse mare. She is the perfect size and great all around horse. she is the newest horse to our program. for now she is for experienced riders, but soon will be for kids. Angel is very smooth and stops on a dime. She loves to eat carrots after a nice long ride.